Had a little place use to stay
Up all nite fish all day
Took a little girl to catch a bass
We got drunk I lost my pants
This little girl from Paris France
Ate escargot and chocolate ants
I'd rather be chewin' on a cat fish bone at

Cod Dam Cod Dam

I like a little midnite troll
Runnin' them jugs fishin' them holes
Caught me a carp bit my toe
Girl said please let him go
Can't make a meal off a little brim
Just one shot check that trim
Poly Vu France' fish til you drop at

Cod Dam Cod Dam

Drink Champagne eat some cheese
That kind of livin' is French to me
I'd rather down at the fishin hole
With a catfish tuggin' on my fishin' pole
Maybe tomorrow I heard todayWater will rise it might fall
Other that that it's still the same at

Cod Dam Cod Dam


Lyrics and MusicBuddy Rush and Johnny Hammer

Johnny Hammer
Vocals,Harp/ Buddy Rush

Recorded at the

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